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45mm Non Spill Screw Cap For Water Dispenser

45mm Screw Cap

Product Specification:
  • Item Name : 45mm Non Spill Screw Cap
  • Type : Screw Cap
  • Material : HDPE
  • Diameter : 45mm
  • Weight : 7 gram
  • Feature : Screw-on, Non Spill
  • Usage : 4.5L ~ 7.5L PET Water Bottles
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Product Details


45mm Non Spill Screw Cap

Quick Details


Product Name :

45mm Non Spill Screw Cap

Material :

Plastic (HDPE)

Type :

Screw Cap

Model Number :

DrinkPack Cap - 6

Cap / Neck Diameter :

45 mm

Cap Weight :

7 gram

Cap Heigth : 

23 mm

Application :

4.5L ~ 7.5L Mineral Water Bottles

Feature :

Screw-on, Non-spill 

Neck Finishes :

3-Start Thread

Tamper-evident Design :

Slit Tamper Evidence Band, Heat Sealing Label

Sealing Feature :

Bore Seal

Filling Conditions :

Cold Filling / Aseptic Filling

Custom Order :


Brand Name :


Logo :

Print customized logo on labels                        

Color :

Blue, Green, Red, White, Semi-clear(Natural)

Place of Origin :

Guangdong, China

H. S. Code :



45mm Non Spill Screw Cap

5L PET Water Bottles

Product Description : 

    This 45mm non spill screw cap is designed for water cooler with a puncturing prong or spike. When you peel off the top label and invert the bottle into place on the cooler, the prong will punctures the piece in the center of cap, meanwhile it allows water to flow through.


    This plastic screw cap is featured with an inner and outside sealing lips for non-pressurized bottled water. You can screw on and snap on the 45mm water bottle neck with torque application. The plastic screw cap comes with a slit tamper evidence band assuring the integrity of the product. The slit tamper evidence band will be broken after first opening. The tamper evident ring remains on the bottle after cap is removed, alerting user that the product maybe has been compromised. It will increase user's peace of mind and confidence in your product. The fine-ribbed sides design for quick, easy-opening and re-sealing convenience.


    You can get a personalized label design for the caps. We handle the artwork and layout creation, always base on your current or desired label design, but the minimum order quantity must be over 100,000 pieces. 


    These plastic screw caps are manufactured under controlled conditions in a 'clean room' and are not touched by hand. They will meet all requirements of food grade and european standard, therefore also comply with FDA standards.


5L Mineral Water


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