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One Time Use 55mm Press On Cap

55mm Press On Cap

Product Specification:
  • Item Name : One Time Use 55mm Press On Cap
  • Type : Push On Cap
  • Material : LDPE
  • Diameter : 55mm
  • Weight : 9.3 Gram
  • Feature : Non Spill
  • Usage : 1 ~ 5 gallons water bottles / jugs
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Product Details



one time use 55mm press on cap


Quick Details : 


Product Name : 

 One Time Use 55mm Press On Cap

Material : 


Plastic Type : 

 100% Virgin LDPE Material 

Usage : 

 PET / PC Bottles (Jars, Containers)

Feature : 


Closure Type :

 Push On Cap / Press On Cap

Weight : 

 9.2 +/- 0.1 gram

Height : 

 38.0 +/- 0.1 mm

External Diameter :

 55.5 +/- 0.1 mm

Inside Diameter : 

 54.5 +/- 0.1 mm

Color : 

 White / Semi Clear / Blue / Lemon Green / Pink / Other

Application :

Fits all standard 55mm push type neck container 1 to 5 gallons

Easy Open : 

 yes, with tear strip 

Label : 

 Personalized label available

Label Materials : 

 Bottom with PE, Middle with PET, Top with OPP

Sealing Term : 

 Hot press sealing (No glue)

Safe : 

 Up to food grade safety

Tamper Evidence :

 Tear off label

Filling Technology :

 Cold filling 

Certification : 

 QS / SGS 



55mm press on cap drawing

Packing List : 








460 CTNS 

Packed in Bulk

1 x 20'ft Container 

230,000 pcs 


920 CTNS

Packed in Bulk

1 x 40'ft Container

460,000 pcs


600 CTNS

Packed in Bulk

1 x 40'ft high cube Container

540,000 pcs


460 CTNS

Packed in Columnar

1 x 20'ft Container

460,000 pcs


950 CTNS

Packed in Columnar

1 x 40'ft Container

950,000 pcs


1,150 CTNS

Packed in Columnar

1*40'ft high cube Container

1,150,000 pcs


55mm pressure cap

Product Description : 


        This is One Time Use 55mm Press On Cap. It is used for water cooler containers (1 gallon to 5 gallons) made out of PC or PET is compatible to the most of the bottlenecks (54.5mm ~ 55.5mm). The pressure cap is molded from food grade plastic through injection molding machine, ensuring it is safe for human consumption when in contact with drinking water. The press on cap is made from 100% virgin materials, free from any contaminants.

55mm push on cap

        The press on cap boasts excellent sealing performance, as its internal structure is specifically designed to fit the structure and dimensions of the most of bottle neck. It snugly wraps around the mouth of the bottle, effectively locking in the moisture within the container and isolating it from the external air, thus preventing the water inside from spoiling. The press on cap can also be paired with a food grade foam liner to ensure 100% sealing performance.


        When you're ready to place a bottle of water weighing over 10 kilograms into a water cooler, simply peel off the heat-sealed label from the cap, then invert the bottle onto the cooler. The probe on the water cooler will puncture a small piece of the cap, allowing the water to flow out without splashing everywhere. The push on cap is designed with a tear-off tab to remove the cap easily before re-filling the container.

55mm press on cap

        The pricing of this press on cap is also very economical as it conserves materials effectively, making it cost-effective and minimizing waste. The push on cap is the ideal choice for most water plants. Both the color and label can be customized according to customer requirements, making it very cost-effective.



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