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Versatile Gallon Water Bottle Handle

Gallon Water Bottle Handle

Product Specification:
  • Item Name : Versatile Gallon Water Bottle Handle
  • Material : PP
  • Color : Yellow, Blue
  • Weight : 65~70 gram
  • Feature : Double-duty & Durable
  • Usage : Carry Gallon Bottled Water
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Product Details


Quick Details :


Product Name :

Versatile Gallon Water Bottle Handle

Material :


Plastic Type :


Weight :

60~70 gram

Color :

Yellow, Blue, Green, etc.

Features :

Double-duty & Durable

Usage :

Lift & Carry Heavy Gallon Bottled Water

Packaging :

Standard Exported Carton

Place of Origin :

Guangdong, China (Mainland)

Port :

Shenzhen, China

Shipment :

By express / Air Cargo / Ocean freight



Product Description : 


    This versatile bottle handle is made of sturdy and durable engineering plastic, and has a steel pin in the middle of the bottle handle to adjust the movable straps on both sides, enabling them to grip tightly around the bottle neck. This versatile bottle handle has impressive gripping power, making it effortless to carry heavy bottled water with either one or two hands.


    The bottle carrier design of this product is exceptionally well-conceived, with optimal ergonomic considerations that adhere to human biomechanics. The bottle carrier provides a comfortable carrying experience for individuals of varying physical abilities, whether they are robust males or delicate females.



    If you are a strong man, you can effortlessly lift two 20-liter bottled water with the gallon bottle carrying handles, one in each hand. With the weight evenly distributed and hanging vertically, you can easily climb five flights of stairs in one go.


    If you're a delicate woman, there's no need to worry, too. You can simply find a partner to help you lift a 20-liter bottled water. You guys just grip both ends of the bottle strap and it will be incredibly effortless. It's sure to be a delightful collaborative experience.


    This bottle lifter is incredibly durable and can be used for a long time, making it both effortless and worry-free. The bottle lifter is the ultimate solution for everyday manual carrying of bottled water.



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